AlterLife announcement: Virtual Life Simulator

AlterLife announcement: Virtual Life Simulator

Recently VGG Studio presented to the public a trailer-announcement of their new project, called AlterLife.

The game gives you the opportunity to create your character with a special look and character and start a new life in AlterLife. Choose from hundreds of different hairstyles, nose, mouth, eye shape and other physical features. The character editor will even let you recreate yourself and your friends in a virtual environment. Money can be used to buy an apartment or a house.
In the extensive life simulator AlterLife, the player is limited only by his imagination. If you wish, you can lead a calm life, getting up in the morning, going to work, and after meeting with friends. Maybe you will even find the love of your life here? However, there is nothing stopping you from becoming a fashion, rock or film star – you can choose from dozens of different career paths to see how your life might have turned out if you had made a completely different choice in the past!

The game features are as follows:

  • The most advanced character editor.
  • Build your dream home and become whoever you want.
  • Make different choices – see how your life might turn out.
  • Organize parties and meet virtual friends.

The release date of the game is still unknown, the project is being developed exclusively for the PC.

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