Alpha Protocol was removed from Steam, the reason

Alpha Protocol was removed from Steam, the reason is expiration of sales license

Alpha Protocol Removed

Alpha Protocol is one of the unsung RPG cult classics of the last generation. Received not great at all on release, fans have flocked to it in the years since for various different reasons, similar to Destiny 2 situation. Many claim to love the story, others are fascinated at the mish-mash of different genres, and some people just want to prove Destructoid alumni Jim Sterling wrong. Whatever your reason for enjoying it, it seems time has been favorable to this misunderstood RPG.

The Cancelling

Unfortunately, your favorite spy role-playing game from Obsidian Entertainment, can’t be bought on Steam anymore. Sega, the game’s publisher, had it pulled from the storefront, according to the game’s Steam listing.

“At the request of the publisher, Alpha Protocol is no longer available for sale on Steam,” reads a message on the product page. Valve updated the listing on Wednesday morning to add the note, according to Steam Database’s change log. Alpha Protocol’s product page on the Humble Store, which also previously sold the game, is gone entirely.

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When the notice was spotted (cheers, Nibel), there was some speculation that a remaster or something new was coming, but unfortunately it’s a much less exciting reason: the publishing rights have expired.

If you own Alpha Protocol, you’ll still be able to play it, and you’ll keep being able to download it whenever you want. If you never picked up the game, you got to find other ways.

The good news is that publishing rights should revert back to Obsidian. With the company now being owned by Microsoft, there is a very good chance that we could end up seeing a re-release on Game Pass or even potentially a sequel in the future. It’s unsure, how likely either scenario is, but don’t count Alpha Protocol out just yet.

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