Alfred Hitchcock-Vertigo: announcement of a new adventure game


Microids and Pendulo Studios have officially announced the narrative adventure game Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam). The launch of the project should take place at the end of this year.

As the name suggests, the main source of inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo – is the cult noir thriller Vertigo directed by Alfred Hitchcock, but the game is not a frame-by-frame adaptation of the films – the Pendulo Studios team wrote a completely original story, using directorial techniques and solutions similar to Hitchcock.


At the center of the story of Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo is a man named Ed Miller who is involved in a terrible car accident. The hero survives the accident without any injuries, but soon falls into a panic state, explaining to the rescuers that his wife and daughter were in the car with him. Losing touch with reality, Miller begins to piece together his past in an attempt to distinguish false memories from events that really happened on the fateful day of the accident.

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