Albion Online’s devs realese the second Oberon patch while the game is about to become free

Albion Online

The second Oberon patch is now available on Albion Online’s test server, making changes to portals and balance controlling as the game prepares to be free-to-play. The new changes are to portals, which are being mixed around so that Fort Sterling, Lynnhurst, Thetford, and Bridgewatch will each have two portal exits, while Martlock will have three, and Caerleon will remain four. Plus, the four royal cities — Fort Sterling, Thetford, Martlock, and Bridgewatch — now have its own Outland portal.

The more of that, the Adventurer’s Challenge system also have a couple of changes. Daily bonuses now are available for players with a Tome of Insight. In addition, as the game becomes free on April 10th, free players will also be able to complete the daily challenges to earn 10 learning points for doing so, but weekly and monthly bonus rewards still remains limited to premium players.

Meanwhile, the guilds from live serves across the world are getting ready for the game’s sixth GvG season, which starts on April 20th. The season ends the 13th of July, with two mid-season resets on May 18th and June 15th. It’s worth to mention that GvG scores after the second reset are twice increased, making the final month of the season crucial as hell.

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