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Albion Online will soon host the Crystal League championship.

The developers from Sandbox Interactive decided to warn players in advance that the 11th season of the “Crystal League Championship” in Albion Online will soon begin. Everyone has more than a month to prepare. Since the date of the new season, when dangerous fights will begin, will be held from March 6 to 7. And the main prize of the 11th league is a new elite horse shell.

In addition, the rules remain standard. As usual, the event will be held between the seasons of the most worthy guilds. At the same time, the number of” worthy ” guilds can include those who have won two matches of the eighth level or one match of the ninth level.

The winners will be able to receive valuable rewards in the form of the aforementioned shells and piles of gold. And there are four places in total for which you can get a reward. The authors also suggest recalling the most striking moments from the last two championships.

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