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Albion Online shared the plans.

The Albion Online game team in a recent post looked back at their 2020 year, when they were still considering various releases of content and features for MMO. This look back began with the fact that they touched on the Queen update, which became one of the largest, or rather the largest content release since the very launch of the game in 2017. The Queen’s update brought new outlands, hideouts, open-world territory battles, the Crystal League, elite dungeons, Avalon Armor, and wardrobe skins.

Naturally, the COVID-19 pandemic dominated 2020, when the game itself saw an increase in player numbers as everyone quarantined and started playing games, but also the team started working from home.

The summer was marked by anniversaries, updates and a new tournament. These updates included Avalon roads, damaged dungeons, Avalon weapons, Chinese and Korean language support, and more. Autumn was marked by the update of Brimstone & Mist, improvements to the mobile version of the game and an ever-growing number of players.

And what is waiting for us in 2021?

“Faction Warfare will be completely redesigned, offering new activities, rewards, and honest and challenging large-scale battles for both beginners and experienced players. Hell’s Gate will also be fully restored and anticipated, with various layouts, challenging PVE, corrected balance in PVP, and a new 10-vs-10 mode, while the gear will allow players to save their favorite gear combinations for retransmission and purchases in the Marketplace.”

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