Albion Online offers some new Easter themed stuff and throw the Rites of Spring event

Albion Online

Albion Online is making its preparations for Easter, but that’s not the only thing that included in the latest update. You will also get an important bump to Silver shrine buffs and a comeback to shape for guild change timers.

Each time you run in to a Silver shrine in any dungeons, you will now be earning a 400% bonus from the time span of the buff instead of the 50% buff as usual. A buffer buff is coming. The change timer for guilds now is also increased back from 30 minutes to the accustomed 48 hours as things fix from a launch week that was overloaded by players. By the way, Albion Online seems to be at the flow of concurrency with Steam and has even seen the effects of review bombing decrease, bringing its general reviews on Steam to “Mixed.”

So, players can hope to find special egg chests straggling across the world filled with Fool’s Golden Eggs. You can transform these egg in to any Vanity Merchant for special rewards like an egg-shaped chest for your house, the Bunny Stalker armor set, a special vanity pack or the Bunny Stalker and Snow Bunny Stalker hats which will allow you to summon bunny pets.

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