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Albion Online is working to ban hackers and RMT sellers.

In the last few days, the manager of Аlbion Online Mytherceria took to Reddit to respond to several posts with complaints and sometimes a demonstration of hackers in the game.

These Reddit posts described several different hackers, some of whom openly broadcast their own exploits without fear of consequences. After responding to several messages containing evidence, Mytherceria concluded that the team was working on specialized tools to combat hackers, although no further details were provided.

– Hey, all hackers and their alt accounts are banned. We can’t reveal too many details as we are working on this case. In addition, we are constantly working to optimize our tools to detect and ban such hacks. If you encounter one of these hackers in the game, please email us so they can review the report and help you further.”

Albion Online has been working to ban hackers and RMT sellers for the past few months, and despite the positive results they’ve made in ridding the game of exploiters, it looks like there’s still a lot of work to be done. In total, the team banned more than 3,200 accounts for selling currency. Albion Online also has another big game update on the way. Call to Arms launches on March 17, with a new playable faction, an updated faction warfare system, and more.

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