Albion Online Brimstone & Mist midseason update.

Sandbox Interactive has just released the Albion Online Brimstone & Mist midseason update. This update introduces new corrupted dungeon enemies, including new lesser demons, corrupted heretics, hellhounds, and a new boss called the demonic harbinger.

In addition to new mobs, players can also expect new armor that ignores spike traps, unpredictable lava traps, and upgrades to existing mobs, including a demonic subordinate and a demonic warlock. Effects and visual cues have also been updated for attacking hazards in damaged dungeons.

As for PvP, the update includes intelligent cluster queue improvements to help keep parties together, and changes to the mess Debuff to emphasize the importance of damage dealers and healers.

There are also new recipes, tweaks to crafting and the addition of the fish in the areas the roads of avalon, which can also be used to prepare delicious new dishes you can watch the full notes on the patch already on the official website.

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