Watch Dogs Legion will receive a new dlc - Bloodline

Aiden Pearce is back! Watch Dogs Legion will receive a new dlc Bloodline

The original Watch Dogs celebrated its 7th anniversary yesterday, with the franchise debuting shortly after the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 27, 2014. For the seventh birthday, Ubisoft, who also publish Division 2, has decided to delight fans of the series in the next major expansion: a teaser for the new story expansion Bloodline has started on the official Watch Dogs Legion Twitter account.

The short trailer, just under two minutes long, creates intrigue around the next chapter of Legion, which features former Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce in a new storyline. Fans knew the character would return to Legion, and now Ubisoft is ready to share how and why he will join the resistance on the streets of London in Bloodline.

The DLC looks set to touch on themes left behind in the first Watch Dogs, including Aiden’s relationship with Jackson, which has become one of the most important storylines in the narrative. Little is known about the DLC at this point, but it’s safe to say that Pierce will be fully playable in the game and will join the resistance in the campaign following his Bloodline story arc. He will be joined by Wrench from Watch Dogs 2, who will also appear in the game as a playable character next month.

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