After Amazon Game Studios returned Crucible to closed beta testing.

After Amazon Game Studios returned Crucible to closed beta testing, developers made several key and important changes to the game, even including new scenarios and goals, as well as a mini-map. The game’s developers are now planning to make a number of changes to the main game mode of Heart of the Hives, which is currently being tested by the team.

According to this month’s developer update, the most recent build includes blocked spawn points for players, centralized targets, creature guards around targets, nerfed health boost modules, adjusted task completion times, and fewer XP earned from kills to encourage players to focus more on creature camps and harvesters. The developers also made changes to the code to prevent hives from appearing in the same place twice in a single match.

The new changes will be implemented on the closed beta server in about a month, but we can’t know for sure. Just be aware that updates are still under development and may change twice along the way, and they may also be shared between updates.

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