Afrofantasy MMO is on Kickstarter.

At the moment, Afrofantasy MMO is on Kickstarter, and Wagadu Chronicles has added the ultimate goal of stretching, as their campaign has just over a day left.

If you don’t know Or are unfamiliar with the wagadu Chronicles. This is an isometric MMO built to go back to the origins of the role-playing genre-where players embodied the role, not just minimal statistics. It is designed to play both online MMO and desktop mode, bringing players together offline to experience the world even more. To this end, their campaign States:

“We believe that role-playing games are not always just about grinding and growing statistics. It’s the epitome of a role; having a backstory and all the quirks and details that define your unique character.”

As it became known, the new stretch goal is called Asiman and is set for 156,000 euros or $185,000 US dollars and will include the implementation of all the sub-Lines of Asiman in the game, including unique mechanics. The Kickstarter campaign actually got 100% funding in full last month. This funding goal was $ 117,769, but it currently stands at $178,564.

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