Rumor: Activision Blizzard to announce futher job cuts after dissapointing earnings

Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard had really bad 2018, and it doesn’t seem like their downward projectory is gonna end in 2019.

Company is about to host next earnings call on Feb 12 and according to “source familiar with matter” they will let another 100+ emploees go.

During November conference call Activision already acknowledged that their once very popular titles like Overwatch and Hearstone were facing flat or declining sales. And after dissapointed sales of Destiny 2: Forsaken (from Activion perspective, Bungie were pretty happy with it) Company parted ways with Bungie leaving IP ownership to them.

Company also lost several executives during last year including CEO of Activion Publishing Eric Hirshberg, long-time Head of Blizzard Mike Morheim and CFO Spencer Neumann who took similar position at Neflix.

It seems atmoshphere at Activision Blizzard is pretty grim. Kotaku’s new editor Jason Schreier tweeted: “Employees at both Activision and Blizzard have told me they’ve been coming into work every day with no clue what might happen”

Stock Market responded accordingly as Activision Blizzard inc. shares dropped another 2.5% on friday to $42.88

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