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A small update has been installed in Lost Ark.

Following the previously announced roadmap on July 28, a small update was installed on the Korean servers of Lost Ark. It brought new complex PvE content in the form of the 4th Lord of Fetrania, a new T6 Guardian, new levels for the chaos dungeons of South Bern, hard difficulty for the Cube and Tower, bracelets – a new type of equipment, new T3 sets of equipment, new legendary costumes, as well as various changes. In this article, we will study all this.

And we will start just with a list of simpler changes and innovations:

  • The game will have 3 new sets of red T3 armor:
  • Resources for the first are being knocked out of the new ruler – Aurelsud.
  • Resources for the second and third sets are knocked out of the hard difficulty mode of the Keepers-Voldan and Ku-Satota.
  • Added a new T6 Keeper-칼엘리고스 (Kal Eligos).
  • Added hard difficulty for T3 cube Keepers and T3 path of the sun.
  • A new level has been added to the chaos of the South Bern dungeon for players with a GS of 1490+. The red equipment of 1480 GSa falls out of it.
  • A new level has been added to the chaos of the South Bern dungeon for players with a GS of 1520+. The red equipment of 1480 GSa falls out of it.
  • We improved the traveling merchant – from what I understood, he appears every 30 minutes on all channels, after appearing, he sells goods for 25 minutes, the location of the appearance is determined randomly.
  • 2 new rules have been added to the PvP modes “Arena” and “Rating”- “Overtime” and” Golden Kill”:
    If at the end both teams are close in the score, a 30-second extra time is activated – overtime.
  • Even if the winner is not determined after overtime, the golden kill is activated – the team that kills at least 1 player wins.
    There should be a description of the victory conditions if the “Golden Kill” rules did not work, but I did not understand the translation.
  • Due to the addition of the “Golden Kill” rule, the match timer was reduced to 4 minutes.
  • New products were added to the PvP merchant, the purchase limit for T1-T3 resources was increased and their cost was reduced.

The New Lord.
The 4th lord of Fetrania – Aurelsud became available in the game. Its unique feature is the presence of 6 gates (stages), while the other lords have 2-3 each. For stage 1 and 2, it is desirable to collect 1490+ GSa, for 3 and 4 – 1500+, for 5 and 6-1520+. Based on the text of the patchnout, the award is given for stages 2, 4 and 6.

Together with the Aurelsud, a very useful function of saving progress was added to the system of the lords of Fetrania. It allows you to exit the raid after passing the stage and receiving a reward and then continue passing from the same stage, even with another team.Also, the lords of Fetarniya have added 3 passes, they are updated every week, allowing you to get a reward 3 times. Thus, players can now choose: pass 1 lord completely, get a reward from the “first” gate of the three lords, or mix as they need.

The bracelets that were previously part of the removed seasonal PvE activity “Jozmund” have returned to the game, this time in the form of a full-fledged character equipment. At the time of writing, there is only 1 red grade 3 shooting range bracelet in the game. As far as I understand, it can be knocked out of the chaos of the dungeons of South Bern, from the Lord of Fetrania – Aurelsud, the new T6 Keeper-칼엘리고스 (Kal Eligos) and bought for PvP currency. You can also buy a bracelet at auction, but, unfortunately, only characters with equipment level 1490 can use it.Bracelets strengthen the character due to special effects, which are divided into two groups: fixed – determined randomly when an item falls out and cannot be changed, free – obtained from a special NPC randomly by rolling for silver. Judging by the auction, the bracelets fall out with a random number of effects. For example, 2 fixed + 2 free, 1 fixed + 1 free, 3 fixed + 1 free.

At the aforementioned NPC, you can add random effects from three categories to the free slots:

  • Basic – strengthening of the HP indicator and class characteristics (strength, dexterity or intelligence).
    Secondary characteristics-ranging from lethality to X
    Unique effects – there are a huge number of them, a couple of examples below:
    + to the maximum HP.
    + to the maximum mana.
    + to physical protection.
    + to magical protection.
    When using an ability that consumes mana, there is a 20% chance that you will recover 150 mana.
    If you receive damage from a monster with a 12% probability, you will receive a buff that increases weapon damage by 1000, attack speed \ movement by 2% for 8 seconds.
  • After applying the ulta, the weapon’s damage increases by 3200 for 8 seconds.
  • After applying the ulta, you restore 80 HP every second for 20 seconds.
  • You can block the effects you like in free cells and roll the ones that are not blocked further.
  • Effects from fixed cells are removed from the possible roll pool.

Legendary costumes.
The developers have added new legendary costumes to the game for each class, but they did it in a slightly strange and unpleasant way. If you remember, to create legendary costumes, you need to buy an urn for 100 blue crystals in the game store. So, new legendary costumes are created in a new urn and they are simply not in the list of crafting the old one, just as there are no old costumes in the new one. This action is not quite right, because they literally force players to spend gold or real money.

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