A small addition to The Elder Scrolls Online will be released “Fire of Ambition”.

In a month to The Elder Scrolls Online will be released a small addition “Flames of Ambition ”, which will mark the beginning of the previously announced story chapter “The Gates of Oblivion”, in connection with which the Zenimax Online studio decided to share details about one of its constituent dungeons.

The “Cauldron” is an abandoned mine that is a haven for the cult of the Awakening Flame. At the same time, the followers of the order keep prisoners and prepare a certain ritual, and to deal with these problems, of course, will have to brave heroes. The company is of the latter will be familiar Dremora-the outcast of Lasanta, however, pursuing their own goals.

The instance itself is divided into three zones – a dungeon, lava caves and a sanctuary, where a total of four bosses will meet the adventurers. For those who manage to defeat all the opponents, the reward will be new sets of equipment, a monster mask, various collectible items and achievements.The release of the PC version of ” Fire of Ambition” is scheduled for March 8, the owners of the consoles will receive the DLC at their disposal a week later, on the 16th.

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