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A season of favorites for Destiny 2.

So, the season of the chosen ones has finally reached Destiny 2, bringing new legendary and exotic gear and much more.

Here are the fragments of the story: The Empress Kaiatl, daughter of Calus and leader of the Cabal, seeks Zavala for an alliance with the Vanguard. When Zavala refuses to kneel, the two sides exchange threats. The Guardians must launch a preemptive strike against her growing army while continuing to fend off the destabilizing influence of Shivu Arata.

Along with the equipment, players will have access to new and returning strikes to test their character. You can also wield the Hammer of Proof against the Cabal and fight for honor in the new seasonal battleground battle.

Players will be able to fight against the chosen warriors Kyats on the battlefield-a new game for three players. At the beginning of season 13, The Devil’s Lair and Fallen S. A. B. E. R. will return from Destiny at the beginning of the season, and the Proving Grounds strike will open later. On the Testing Grounds, the champions of humanity will go up against the best representatives of the Cabal to determine the fate of the Last City. The season of Favorites runs until May 11. Before diving, check out the Seasonal Issues.

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