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A release date has finally appeared for the Marvel’s Avengers update.

The next update for Marvel’s Avengers finally has a release date. The War for Wakanda will introduce players to the secret nation of Wakanda on August 17. To encourage new and old players to return to the game, Crystal Dynamics provides a free weekend for everyone, as well as many rewards for logging in.Back in June, Square Enix introduced a large-scale expansion, so far the largest, for Marvel’s Avengers. The War for Wakanda teased with an exciting new story and the addition of a new, very popular game character, Black Panther. It is reported that the new expansion contains about 9 hours of story content, new landing zones, new missions in the threat sector, a new Outpost and new villains. Along with the new content, players should also expect cameos from across the Marvel Universe, new costumes and a few surprises, some of which will be revealed at the War Table in Wakanda on August 16.

To persuade players to return to the game, which has been greatly reduced since its initial launch a year ago, Crystal Dynamics is holding a free weekend for all users. Interested players who have never tried this game before can enter the game starting from today, July 29, until the early morning of August 2. Players on Stadia, Steam and PlayStation just need to go to the digital download page to start downloading right now. Any player who logs in during this period will also receive the following:

  • 4 times more experience
  • 5000 Fragments
  • 1000 Plasma
  • 1000 Nanites
  • 1000 Nanotubes
  • 1000 Catalyst
  • 1000 Units
  • 600 Upgrade Modules
  • 500 Uru
  • 250 Polychorons
  • 50% discount on all most products on the market.

Unfortunately, Xbox owners will not be able to participate in the event with full access this weekend, but Crystal Dynamics said that they are exploring the possibility of full access to the Xbox in the next few months. Could this indicate the limited time of the Xbox Game Pass announcement? Without a doubt, this was what many fans were demanding, but so far Square Enix has only announced the possibility of a full-access weekend, so we shouldn’t put the cart before the horse, but Xbox players can certainly hope!

War for Wakanda will be released on August 17, just a week before the global launch of Marvel’s mobile game, Marvel Future Revolution, which will be released on iOS and Android on August 25. In September, Square Enix will release another Marvel game – “Guardians of the Galaxy”. There are a lot of superhero games vying for your playing time, and like “Daredevil”, let’s hope that they will hit the bull’s-eye.

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