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A recent fix for World of Warcraft.

So, as part of the latest and most recent fix for World of Warcraft, Blizzard has now made the completion of the Torghast level unlock across the entire account.

There is a rather specific note for this fix:

“Completing a layer on any character now unlocks this layer for all characters on the same WoW account who meet the requirements to log in to Torghast.”

Naturally, Blizzard has published a more detailed explanation on its own forums, giving some arguments in favor of this change. And it seems that this change is aimed specifically at players who want to complete the Torghast through multiple characters. However, they do offer heads-up,

“Players who have regularly launched Torghast must now find their highest level available on their alts. However, this shared unlock access can’t look back very far, so if you haven’t run Torghast in a while, you’ll need to complete the launch on your primary server, and then you’ll see higher levels available on your alts.”

But the rest of the fixes already eliminates Kyrian Pact Comrades, Venthyr Covenant, Comrades, Faerie Nights Pact comrades, dungeons, PvP, quests, and so on.

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