A patch has been installed on the Black Desert test servers.

So, a patch has been installed on the Black Desert test servers that adds a graphical function AND Fidelity F x Super Resolution, designed to keep high FPS with a smart reduction in resolution. We can expect that the technology will also be in the console version when it comes to the next gen build.

The previously announced rethinking of the old classes will soon appear on test servers — on September 2, the Warrior will be the first to receive an update. The developers decided to release the redesigned classes in the order of their appearance in the game, so that the Giant, Archer and Sorceress will be next. The developers decided not to release classes one by one on live servers — instead, they will all first come out on a test, and then go into the world in a pack.

As for the rethinking of classes itself, the developers will review every skill, animation and frames in the Tradition and Awakening.

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