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A new MMORPG is coming to Steam – Nightmare

Nightmare is a new retro MMORPG coming to Steam on September 6th. In the game you explore a 2D world and fight against dangerous monsters and raid bosses. It also has an interesting twist: when night falls, players can transform themselves into werewolves and fight against each other in open PvP.

What kind of game is this? Nightmare is a free indie MMORPG that the developers say they have been working on for 6 years:

  • You explore a 2D world using the WASD buttons. Many buildings can be entered, which often have several floors
  • You can choose from 8 different classes
  • You level up and unlock new skills, new equipment and attribute points that you can distribute
  • From level 30 you can join a clan, the max level is 45
  • There are dungeons and raids in which you also have to solve puzzles
  • There are 14 different craft trades, including blacksmithing and fishing
  • You can own and decorate your own house
  • The game relies on a diverse collection system for pets
  • The special thing about the twist in Nightmare, however, is the change between day and night. As soon as the clock strikes midnight in the game, the game world changes completely.
  • During the night there are PvP and other quests

What happens when night falls? As soon as midnight is reached, PvP will begin in Nightmare.

The different clans fight each other in the game. You can participate in these PvP battles either as a human or as a werewolf, into which you can optionally transform yourself. The game even has PvP leaderboards, one for humans and one for werewolves.

There should also be completely different quests during the night than during the day. If you don’t feel like PvP at all, you can stay in cities, safe zones or your own house during the night.

How long is a day-night cycle? The developers do not reveal this on their website. However, we have already tried Nightmare and one night lasted about 30 minutes.

When does the MMORPG appear? You can already download Nightmare for free on the official website. The MMORPG is free and, according to the rankings, has around 200 players so far.

On September 6th, Nightmare will be released on Steam, which could lead to an increase in the number of players (via Steam).

How is the game financed? Nightmare has an in-game shop where you can buy cosmetic equipment, potions and chest keys for real money. What exactly the keys are used for is currently not clear to us.

Who is Nightmare for? Nightmare is and plays a retro MMORPG. The controls are a bit wobbly, the game world is 2D and visually everything reminds of the first Pokémon parts on the Gameboy Color.

But the interesting game systems, the PvP at night and the fact that it is completely free to play make it fundamentally interesting.

Anyone who has a fable for such retro games should definitely check out Nightmare.

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