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A new Endwalker add-on for Final Fantasy XIV.

So the new Endwalker add-on for Final Fantasy XIV is getting closer and closer to release, which means that the grand finale of the Warrior of Light story is coming. The PC Gamer team talked with the director of the popular MMO game Naoki Yoshchida and asked what quests and raids should be paid attention to before the release of the add-on for a more complete immersion this November.

Do not forget that this is an MMORPG, and therefore, as I believe, it is better to play the way you want. However, if you want to get better acquainted with the ent of the game and better understand its world, then you should play in the Coils of Bahamut, Alexander and Omega raids, if you haven’t already done so. These are not mandatory raids, but they are deeply woven into the mysteries of the FFXIV world.

I will repeat to you what Yoshi-P is and clarify that the mentioned raids are not mandatory for understanding the history in Endwalker and are relatively independent, but Naoki-sensei believes that they will help to better understand the world of the game.

If you want to play Endwalker with a better understanding of the characters and their thoughts, then I am sure that these raids will help you get a richer experience.

The Endwalker add-on for Final Fantasy XIV is released on November 23 of this year and will complete the main storyline.

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