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A new class in Lost Ark.

So, a fresh update has been released in Lost Ark. Now players can try out the “Demon Hunter” class, a new game mode for the most persistent heroes, an updated image customization system and much more.

A new Class. The demon hunter became the nineteenth class of the Lost Ark universe. The new shooter skillfully alternates different types of attacks and skills and is in no way inferior to other heroes of the archetype. There are three types of weapons in the character’s arsenal: rapid-fire pistols, a powerful shotgun and a long-range carbine, thanks to which the Hunter is equally good both at close and long range. The “Igharama Ridge ” mode. The new mode is designed for playing solo, where the hero will have to pass fifty difficult tests, each of which is inhabited by insidious monsters. Despite the gradual increase in difficulty, each level is given no more than seven minutes. The most persistent are waiting for valuable rewards for completing the first twenty-five steps. “Igharama Ridge” is available to all Seekers with an equipment rating above 1325 who have completed the Papuanika storyline.

Other. Lost Ark introduced a new functionality for customizing the visual of weapons and characters, as well as a system of buffs that simplify pumping for beginners. Characters of the fiftieth level and higher with a minimum equipment rating of 1445 will be able to fight with Voldan in an Epoch-making mode, and Akrasia Express will offer new exciting challenges for characters with an equipment rating of 915.

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