A new MMO, Caravan Stories, will come to PlayStation 4 in July

A new born out of anime MMO, Caravan Stories, will come to PlayStation 4 in July

Caravan Stories

A new anime-inspired MMO Caravan Stories has been popular amongst “more than two million adventurers” in Japan and this July it’s going to North America and the PlayStation 4. “When a flood of demons pours forth from a mysterious gate, the peaceful world of Iyarr is threatened. As one of six playable races, adventure across a vast, gorgeous world and save the land from being shrouded in shadow”.

As media says, players will fight with variety of characters; everyone has unique skills and talents to every battle. You will be able to form a clique, consisting of “six creatures and allies”. 

Other includes of this MMO:

  • dungeons
  • spectator mode
  • “a beautiful orchestral soundtrack and a dreamy art style”
  • open-world raids
  • unique and different creatures that spawn at random times throughout the day

Caravan Stories will include its original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Watch the trailer below:

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