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A major update for Black Desert will be released.

So, today, on June 29, as it was announced by Pearl Abyss at a recent presentation, a major update will be released for the Black Desert, along with which the twenty – third class-Corsair will be added to the game.

On the eve of this event, the developers decided to publish a small gameplay video dedicated to the main abilities of the new specialization and at the same time designed to demonstrate to the audience various combinations of skills that are effective both in battles with representatives of local fauna and during PvP confrontations. At the same time, the heroine herself is armed with a flexible elongating sword Sarenaka and a treasure Mareka, which stores the power of sea waves.

And while the release of the update has not taken place, everyone can still have time to use the pre-creation function of the character to get an interior item “A Fabulous boat” and a special decoration in the form of a”Sea feather”.


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