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A major update for Black Desert Mobile.

Pearl Abyss has released a major update for Black Desert Mobile, which added a new clan activity called “Constellations” to the game with the ability to get a variety of rewards.

In order to unlock new content, you need to complete a series of tasks “Extinguished Stars”. And access to the Constellations will cost 100 traveler’s marks. The activity is designed for 6 characters and consists of killing opponents near the extinguished stars, as well as a boss battle, which takes only 3 minutes. There are currently 3 Constellations available: the Seal Stone, Shield Stone, and Hammer Stone. In addition, there are difficulty levels that open in stages.

Meanwhile on PC version of BDO a lot of adventure journals have been added.

As a reward for completing the Constellations, you can get the rune of the black spirit of Ellion, chests of runes of Ellion, black stones, a bunch of black crystals, a chest of textbooks of inheritance / awakening, silver and ancient gold. The developers also added knowledge about the constellations and new titles.

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