A major community update for Corepunk was recently released

The authors of the MMORPG Corepunk released an update for the second quarter of 2020 on the official website, where they told about the goals achieved and future plans.
A major community update for Corepunk was recently released, and a closed beta was scheduled for December.
Corepunk, an upcoming top-down MMORPG with a fog of war in a seamless open world, was announced last year when the beta Registration went live in December 2019. Their latest quarterly community update concerns closed beta testing in December of this year.
“We are targeting the beginning of December CBT, around the same time we announced the game last year. With 6 playable characters and a level 20 cap. I can’t wait to meet you there!”
The community update touches on a few more things, for example: character customization, fatalities, heroes and skills, gameplay focus, and more. In General, the team almost hinted that they want to focus more on the gameplay.
Below, by the way, there will be a video for getting additional information about quarterly changes,and then I will indicate their plans.
Training system
The developers decided to add a training system with a character coordinator designed to guide users. He will regularly talk about a hostile world, share information about unfamiliar territory, people, and point the way in difficult situations. The coordinator also has his own character and will play a role in the story later.
Artificial Core employees continue to add various customization elements to the game. The GIF below clearly illustrates the progress in this case.
The first in the list were improved quests. Recently, all of them are decorated in a classic way, as in other MMOs. Their structure and dialogues have also been improved. The latter became deeper and more alive.


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