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A little new information about Bless Unleashed.

So Bless Unleashed closed closed beta testing to improve visual effects and much more.

The very first thing the team heard is the community and adds a camera zoom using the mouse wheel. However, this will not be included in this CBT2 update, rather it will be included in the game to launch. The CBT2 update sees improvements in lighting with the addition of tessellation. Lighting provides improved global illumination, resulting in more realistic lighting.

Other than that, dream dungeon finally saw something of a reconstruction type with reduced difficulty to help new players. The tutorial has also been improved with additional guides for moving, switching views, and more:

“However, we decided that the current tutorial might not be informative enough for users who experience Bless Unleashed PC, so we lowered the tutorial’s difficulty and enhanced it by adding various guides such as moving, switching views, jumping, aiming, and using items. Learn about the gameplay of Bless Unleashed PC faster with the detailed guide in the Dream Dungeon Tutorial!”

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