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A little bit about Wotlk Timewalking.

So, after some time, we come back to you again with new news! This week in Warcraft, many have seen the wrath of the Lich King, as well as time travel and most importantly-more holidays!

As it was said on Twitter, the Wotlk Timewalking event is technically in full swing, but if you are interested, then dive in and check out the old dungeons. Who knows, maybe you’ll find some interesting rewards that you accidentally missed out on.

There will also be a New Year’s Eve fireworks celebration, where exactly you can check out some of the explosive celebrations in Azeroth. Well, in any case, you will want to support these people in undermining, since they have been working with their fireworks since the beginning of July.

And also, finally, the Winter Veil festival will have to end this Saturday. I advise you to stop by before then, if you want to check it out, take advantage of the lessons. And the rewards, it’s all about the rewards. The Dark moon Fair will be on Sunday, so I advise you to be on your guard.

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