A little bit about The Burning Crusade: Classic.

After conducting a survey among “trusted” users of World of Warcraft, rumors on the Internet around The Burning Crusade: Classic began to appear more often. Moreover, now some users are talking about the release date of the project.

So a well-known video blogger under the nickname “straysafetv”, relying on the words of a source he fully trusts, claims that the release date of the classic add-on will take place on May 4. Although this is not all the details.

In addition, before the release date, the servers will receive a large preliminary patch. And a little later in February 2021, the wow: Classic-The Burning Crusade beta test will open.

On the other hand, all the information was not confirmed by Blizzard representatives. Therefore, it should be considered at the level of rumors. And it is better to wait for the annual presentation of “blizzconline”.


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