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A little bit about Division 2.

So Division 2 is back this week with details about some of the quality-of-life improvements that should still be coming soon with this title update for season 12 and season 4, including some very old requests.

The optimization station will be the main function. which will be in the title update 12. This extension is for the recalibration station, which will allow you to spend unique materials to improve the attributes of your equipment. You can read this article on our website.

Individual attributes on High-End, Gear Set, and Exotic gear can be gradually upgraded through 10 levels representing 10% of the total attribute value to eventually reach the maximum attribute value.

Global shop event, will also be along with global events after U12 will be a global store event. This is a separate menu where you can spend your stars earned from GE Challenges for additional rewards during global events.

Caches of seasonal items and even exotic caches will be available in this store. Season 4 will include both familiar global events and new ones, so be prepared to earn on these stars.

Also, challenges at the TU12 summit will have a new level of longevity and rewards. Tactical and climbing challenges will provide secondary goals for your various excursions up the high-rise.

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At this time, both 1 tactical challenge and 1 ascent Challenge can be active simultaneously, they are player-specific and will provide a personal focus for both an immediate and longer-term shake-up in this activity.There will also be awards in challenges such as Summit – Tactical and Ascent also have their own line of awards. Completing them will regularly give you targeted loot and optimization materials, as well as more unique rewards at certain stages. These rewards include exotic caches, Division 2 Builds, named item caches, blueprints, and a new exotic assault rifle at various time intervals.

In addition, completing a checkpoint in the summit will now always give a guaranteed target drop in production directly to your agent.

Also, let’s talk about the events of season 3

As it became known, season 3 is a hidden agenda, then season 3 is a hidden agenda for division 2: Warlords of New York continues with the Twilight League! Try your hand at the air and space Museum, the Museum of American history, and Jefferson Plaza for tough time trials, as well as at the space administration headquarters for challenging time trials.

Priority alerts:

On November 3, a routine maintenance routine was performed that resolved several issues, including fixing the position of supply checkpoints that don’t open after killing rogue agents, missing targets and inoperable elevators at the top, rate of fire attribute errors at the recalibration station, and more. The last Resort clothing event is now over, and various items from this event can be found for direct purchase in the premium credits in-game store.

As the team itself said, they are already solving fairly well-known problems.

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