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A full-fledged announcement of the next large-scale addition to End of Dragons.

So, very soon, Guild Wars 2 fans will receive a full-fledged announcement of the next large-scale End of Dragons add-on. In the meantime, players can once again fight with the iconic boss, try out the legendary arsenal and get free episodes of season 3 of living history.

The Distorted Puppet is back

This boss was introduced in 2014 as part of the 1st season of living history. After those events, the remains of the defeated Puppet rested in the lands of False River Valley. After so many years, the ArenaNet team finally heard the requests of the players. Now you can challenge the Puppet again. Go to Eye of the North, this location has become available for free for absolutely all players, and together with your squad, fight the legendary boss. Talk to Mist Stranger near the Scrying Pool to find out how you and your allies can interrupt the action of the Distorted Puppet, make progress towards achieving the goal of the world community, as well as earn achievements and rewards.

Meet the legendary arsenal.

This is a new tool that will be useful for those who are engaged in collecting legendary equipment. The legendary arsenal brings a large number of improvements. For example, you will now have access to legendary equipment for all characters on your account and no longer need to use common inventory slots for this.

The most interesting thing from July 13 to July 20, go to the game to unlock the episode “A Crack in the Ice” for free, which continues the storyline of season 3 of living history. The developers have prepared a large number of new achievements. For completing them, you can get special items to create legendary weapons of the next generation. To complete the episode, you still need the Heart of Thorns add-on. I want to remind you that on July 27, the presentation of the third expansion of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons will take place.

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