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A free event has started for Elder Scrolls Online.

At this time, a free game event for Elder Scrolls Online has started. Players will be able to participate until December 9 at 10A Eastern time.

The free part of the game takes place live on PC/Mac, Stadia, Xbox and PlayStation. One quick note about the Stadia version, as it is only available in certain restricted territories. As for what these territories are, we are not quite sure, as the blog did not specify.

Players can play the full base game, which includes four base classes, 24 zones, including Vvardenfell of Morrowind, in addition to the main storyline. New players will receive 500 crowns to spend at their own discretion in the Crown Store.

So, during the free game event, Elder Scrolls Online will have a 60% discount on all platforms: PC, Mac, Stadia, Xbox and PlayStation consoles. However, keep in mind that the sale ends on different dates depending on your console, as described below:

  • PlayStation—December 22.
  • PC/Mac-December 9.
  • Xbox-December 9.

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