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A dubious number of players in Crowfall .

Crowfall officially launched earlier this week, and although server instability and DDoS attacks seem to be behind them, there is one problem in the community-the number of players. Just released after a long period of development (and one of the few crowdfunded MMOs that actually saw the light), Crowfall seems to be still finding its footing. However, one issue seems to be a stumbling block for players who are already concerned about the long-term health of the PvP MMO Boosting War of the Throne: the low number of players.

ArtCraft has not published official data showing the peak and simultaneous number of players since Crowfall went on the air, a Reddit message is spreading showing the number of simultaneous players in Crowfall during its launch. According to the report (which, of course, treats the matter with disbelief), during the launch, Crowfall peaked at about 3,139 simultaneous players. Referring to Malekai.org the bot, presumably, makes up less than 1% of the total registered user base.

When asked about this on Twitter, the official Crowfall account did not directly confirm the figures, but did not deny them either. In the quoted tweet, the official account stated that the team behind the MMO is doing everything ” slowly and steadily.”

Crowfall has been developed for many years, and many players who supported it had access to beta versions and other tests during this time.However, this may not point to the whole story, and the official response, which decided not to directly refute the statement, while the creative director does it in his personal account, slightly confuses the picture.

Crowfall started earlier this week, and although everything was initially stable, DDoS attacks ruined the launch day, disrupting the celebration due to server problems. When we were finally able to jump into ourselves, we liked what we had played so far, although the fight does seem a little strange.

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