7th Anniversary of TERA: take your part in events and get your gifts!

TERA 7th anniversary

TERA celebrates its 7th Anniversary and throws a bunch of events along with tons of gifts: Anniversary Hunt, Rootstock and, Bamarama, Ice Fishing, Doubled PvP Jackpots, Daily Gifts and Anniversary Astral Gifts.

Anniversary Hunt

Look for big blue box and gold beetles to grab your loot! You can smash them by one hit, so player with any level are in game.

Rootstock and Bamarama

It’s time to have fun for you and your friends! Cook up booster meals and take part in the popular gambling games.

Ice Fishing

Using special bait go fishing in the frozen lake of Frost Reach and earn some great rewards, including tokens you can exchange for the exclusive Ultramarine Midnight Princess’ Hanbok or a smart box containing a Shearling Jacket and more prizes.

Doubled PvP Jackpots

Catch your victory fighting! You can get twice the number of reward chests from the jackpot event. The jackpots’ schedule will be the same.

Daily Gifts

Log in everyday and get you gifts from TERA shop’s calendar! If you miss a day or two you always can collect your gifts while calendar is active, but don’t miss too many! You may have no time to collect the last days’ gifts!

Anniversary Astral Gifts

Every weekend you will get the usual Astral Gifts with reward value higher than regular. Last to finale and you also will get exclusive back decoration!

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