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4 things you should do in Fortnite before new season

Season 7 is coming to an end soon in Fortnite and opens the gates for the new season 8 in chapter 2. We show you which things you should definitely do before the new 8th season.

The upcoming: On September 12th, 2021 the new 8th season will start in the form of a live event. Until then, you still have time to complete all tasks and challenges related to the old 7th season in order to bag all the new items that need to be unlocked.

Finish playing the Battle Pass

The Battlepass goes up to level 100. The rewards can now not be unlocked by leveling up as usual, but by earning Battlepass stars. These stars can then be used to choose the rewards at will.

After you have reached level 100 in the Battlepass, there is an extra page of rewards. On this page you unlock additional versions of the skins that were available for purchase in the Battlepass. To unlock each reward you need level 200.

How do I get these stars? You unlock them through every level you advance in the Battlepass. You get 5 stars per level.

How do I level up quickly? You can level up quickly with epic missions. These are only available in abundance towards the end of the season, so you should get the XP you need quickly.

Finished tinkering and unlocking the Kymera

What is a Kymera? It’s an alien skin. This skin was available in the Battlepass on the first level. Not only does it look cool, it also offers tons of options. From a full beard to chrome-plated eyes, everything is included.

How do I unlock his styles? All you need is alien artifacts. These artifacts can be found scattered across the Fortnite map.

But not only that, with a little luck you will also get the alien artifacts from the cosmic chests.

Unlock Superman’s tasks and styles

The secret skin of the 7th season is Superman also known as Clark Kent and with him comes challenges by unlocking his items and styles. How do i get it? To do this, you must first unlock Clark Kent.

  • Complete assignments from Clark Kent, Armored Batman or Beast Boy (1 piece) – Reward: Emoticon “Duty calls”
  • Complete assignments from Clark Kent, Armored Batman or Beast Boy (3 pieces) – Reward: Spray motif “Superman emblem”
  • Complete assignments from Clark Kent, Armored Batman or Beast Boy (5 pieces) – Reward: “Clark Kent” outfit
  • Glide through rings as Clark Kent (5x) – Reward: Back accessory “Daily Planet”
  • Use a telephone booth (1x) as Clark Kent – Reward: Integrated emote “Secret Identity” (transforms Clark Kent into Superman)
  • Complete epic missions (63 pieces) – Reward: Hang glider “Kal-Els Cape”
  • Complete Epic Missions (68 pieces) – Reward: Superman banner icon
  • Complete Epic Missions (73 Pieces) – Reward: Loading Screen “Krypton’s Last Son”
  • Complete Epic Missions (78 pieces) – Reward: Pickaxe “Shard of Solitude”
  • Complete Epic Quests (84 pieces) – Reward: “Clark Kent (Shadow)” style for the “Clark Kent” skin

New event – become friends of prey

What is this event about? Your task is to complete matches with friends in order to unlock free items for you. More information is available on Epic Games.

What should I do? All you have to do is log in to the Epic Games website with your details. So you register for this event and you can start immediately with your friends.

How do I get points? You have to spend 10 minutes per point in a round in the Battle Royal. You get 1 point for this. But there is also a method that shortens it all. You can enter a time in which you will get a boost in points for every round you play with your friends. The 7th season is almost coming to an end and there is hardly any time to earn everything, so hurry up while you still can.

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