18 season of Final Fantasy XIV is going to start soon.

The new 18th season of “Feast” Final Fantasy XIV starts on February 2 together with patch 5.45. A little about it:

If we talk about everything, then there is too much information. The rules discuss PvP rankings, levels, promotion qualifiers, Seasons in general, postponement, and more. Information about PvP rankings, in particular, is of notable importance. Here’s how they account for:

“A player’s PvP rating is a value that reflects their relative skill compared to other participants in the Celebration. The PvP rating will only depend on the ranked matches, increasing with each match won and decreasing with each player match lost. If any of these matches end in a draw, the PvP rating will remain unchanged. The duty seeker will match the participants based on their pvp feedback. To prevent any large differences between the teams, the players will be distributed in such a way that the average rating of both sides is equal.”

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