11 season of the Guild war Albion Online.

As it became known, the 11th season of the Guild war Albion Online starts on December 5, which means that players better be ready to fight for their right to dominate the land. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can immediately storm every territory, so there is a very complex schedule when various elements of the season are aired. Plan ahead to be ready to fight for dominance during the three-month active period.

Of course, there are some extra wrinkles in the game for this particular season, though, so you have more opportunities to score goals. Crystal League 20×20 battles will be active throughout the season, and the castle score and distance have also been changed in the Outlands to change some of the grappling and defensive dynamics. Read the full description of all the details and prepare your Guild for an early takeover of territories; the entire season lasts until the last bell on March 1.So get ready!

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