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Тhe PC version of Bless Unleashed has a release date.

So, the PC version of Bles Unleashed has a release date, and the upcoming MMORPG will be released on PC on August 6. NeoWiz and Round8 Studio are launching a PC version after several beta releases on August 6, complete with all the improvements and enhancements made to the MMO to more closely match the PC. Originally a console release on Xbox and later on PlayStation, Bless Unleashed has undergone some changes to make it a bit easier to control and navigate with the mouse and keyboard. However game economy and main game currency Star Seeds should remain roughly the same.

And the team is also holding a “demo” of Bless Unleashed, starting on June 22 on Steam as part of the company’s next Steam festival. Players can download the demo and check out the tutorial and character creator before the MMO launches this summer. It will also, according to NeoWiz, reduce the download size when the full MMO drops. You can take the demo version and pre-register for Bless on Steam or on the official website.

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