Тhe official beta version of the Pc for for Bless Unleashed is now officially launched.

So, the official beta version of the PC for for Bless Unleashed is now officially launched and will last until May 17. Here are the details you need to know.If you participated in previous beta tests for Bless Unleashed, you should be able to play and test this final beta again. If you are interested in checking out this beta, be sure to download the client from the main site or from the Steam page by clicking ” Playtest.”

Jason Park, head of development at Round 8 Studios, shared some thoughts on this final PC test in an accompanying press release,

“It’s been a long drive here. But we truly believe that Bless Unleashed on PC will shine, and that our players will love the changes we’ve made in response to their feedback.”

And the Lumena in-game store is now running. If you are in beta, you will be given some “free in-game money ” to use to make sure that making purchases and getting items works properly. During the test, skins, mounts, and all sorts of other items will be available.

Elsewhere, recent changes for dungeons have been outlined in the upcoming Secrets and Offspring update. And in case you missed it, the first PC beta came out last month, which itself brought a lot of tweaking changes.

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