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Тhe Knight Challenge is coming back to Albion Online.

So, it’s been revealed that the Knight Challenge is coming back to Albion Online and will run for an entire month, giving you plenty of time to win some sweet rewards and climb that challenge ladder.

Players will be able to earn points by participating in various events in the open world. For example, a Gallant horse is a horse to capture if you earn your points. The Gallant Horse has a speed boost and an immunity spell, allowing you to be faster and relatively safe. There’s also a new avatar ring to capture. This ring is described as a “bold plate armor style ring” designed to exude nobility. Like most avatar rings, this is a non-saleable item that will be permanently unlocked for one of your characters. Alternatively, you can exchange this from the Vanity Merchant for one Adventurer token.

Finally, Knight Challenge has seasonal specials where you can unlock chests. These chests will contain various rewards, such as Adventurer Volumes and Silver Bags. It will also include themed furniture such as a Stone Throne, a Round Table, a Statue of a Knight, and a Royal Carpet. Challenge points can be earned through various open-world activities such as collecting, fishing, farming, and killing monsters.

Most recently, the company Albion Online announced the launch date of the mobile version. The mobile version is due to launch worldwide on June 9 – just a few days away. In addition, the recently released Call to Arms 5/6 patch includes updates for hellgates, restoring combat balance, and more. Speaking of Hellgates, it has continued to get improvements through various patches over the past few weeks.

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