Мany issues in the game Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.0.

  • Firing up while preparing the ship for flight can cause the ship to collapse (a potential workaround is to allow your visual center and wait a second before firing up).
  • When receiving ships at new Babbage or Lorville spaceports, there is no user interface that tells you which hangar your ship is in.
  • Global chat may not be available in the HUD visor
  • The ships landed in Lohrville can’t be stored.

What is this list at the top? So, let’s talk about this. This list includes many issues in the game Star Citizen Alpha 3.11.0. in addition to bugs, there are also extensive patch Notes that will cover new features along with known issues.

The new version should be better than the previous one. In addition, the game developers advised to delete the user folder for the public client, after all the fixes.

By the way, about the new features. These will include the space station’s cargo decks, which are found at rest stops where players will be able to handle their cargo needs. As for the new ships, there will be the origin 100i wagon, the origin light 125A fighter, and the origin 135C for light cargo.

The new weapons will include the BEHR grenade launcher and the BEHR BR2 shotgun. In addition, core tech added includes a buoyancy ground cover that simulates buoyancy when swimming and reacts realistically to waves.

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