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Hearthstone: Mercenary mode is live – get your new WoW mount now

<Hearthstone has a new mode and World of Warcraft players have a fancy mount. It was announced for a long time, now the time has finally come. Hearthstone’s Mercenary Mode celebrated its launch on October 12, 2021. For now you have been able to let off steam in Hearthstone’s newest game mode. By the way, […]

Minecraft brings big “The Wild Update” 2022

During Minecraft Live 2021, the team announced the new update for Minecraft for 2022 with “The Wild Update”. It brings a major boat upgrade, frogs, tadpoles and new mangrove swamps. The deep dark area is also part of it. What’s the new update? Minecraft will publish the second part of the “Caves and Cliffs” update […]

Blizzard says: In Diablo 2 Resurrected servers crash because you behave too “modern”

Diablo 2 Resurrected has been causing anger among fans since its release because the servers are constantly crashing. This is partly due to the outdated code of the game, but also due to the behavior of the players. According to Blizzard, they would play “too modern” and overload the poor servers. What’s wrong with the […]

New game on Steam works like Minecraft as an MMORPG

The sandbox MMORPG Dragon And Home officially starts beta on Steam today. It is a Free2Play game that is visually and in gameplay strongly reminiscent of Minecraft. We introduce you to the game and its ratings on Steam. What kind of MMORPG is that? In Dragon And Home you play a character chosen by the […]

New game for Ghost Recon has already been postponed

As soon as Ghost Recon: Frontline has been announced, the start of the beta has already been postponed. Ubisoft announces this after just under a week. What happened? After the announcement on October 5th, Ghost Recon: Frontline has now been officially postponed. Originally, the spin-off for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint and Wildlands was supposed to start […]

The next Battle Royale on Steam will be an interactive action

The new game Bloodshore should appear on Steam in November. This is an “interactive action film” in which you “control” a character who is in a kind of real life battle royale. Thematically, this is reminiscent of Hunger Games and the Netflix hit Squid Game. What kind of game is this? In Bloodshore, streamers, entertainers […]

MMORPG Corepunk Shows Off New Gameplay

The MMORPG Corepunk relies on a look that is strongly reminiscent of League of Legends. However, it would also like to offer difficult raids and hard PvE content at the same time and be oriented towards WoW. The new PvE gameplay showcases how well this mix works. What does the latest video show? The developers […]

An interview with ESO creator about ESO and the success of New World

The new MMO New World has had great success on Steam. This has also caught the eye of the makers of other online games, such as the creative director of Elder Scrolls Online. However, Rich Lambert feels that New World’s success is quite good, both for the player and for his game. New World is […]