The World of Warcraft Classic auction house will open tomorrow.

The World of Warcraft Classic auction house will open tomorrow after temporarily closing last week.The closing of the house was due to preparations for the game service update for Burning Crusade Classic and the general availability of Classic Kingdoms for tomorrow. In case you missed it, The Burning Crusade Classic is scheduled to be released […]

Limit on a group of 12 people in Elder Scrolls Online.

So, some of the reasoning behind the 12-player group limit has been confirmed by Elder Scrolls manager Gina Bruno. In a recent forum post, she confirmed that the driving factor here is, as most have guessed, performance. The forum thread first appeared last month, questioning this limit on a group of 12 players. Several commenters […]

A few new events in Genshin Impact.

Several events are expected in Genshin, but in fact one of them has already started and is a video contest. The Windtrace event is currently taking place and will run until May 24, so you still have plenty of time to participate if you wish. The video you created should show the game UID with […]

Ashes of Creation’s creative director apologized for his comment

MMORPG New World’s shop caused numerous discussions in the community. Despite the developers said that the shop will include just cosmetic elements at the beginning, some of users sure that the game will have Pay-to-Win-elements. Stephen Sharif, the general Ashes of Creation’s director, has also commented this situation. He wrote a sarcastic commnent at the […]

New World’s shop will have just cosmetic objects at the time of release

A meaningful leak happened while MMO New World alpha testing. It showed users shop’s assortment, namely some boosts except for cosmetic things. They can help users to reduce the time required to level up and earn trading experience. Indignation from the players didn’t keep itself waiting. Particulary Reddit abounds the posts dedicated to the importance […]

Updates’ road map for Final Fantasy XIV have been published

MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV’s creators shared detailed map including future updates and events plans and with us. It shows the players what they should be ready for in period from upcoming patch release 5.55 to widescale update Endwalker launch. It includes next: 5.55 update on the 25th of this month; Make it Rain Campaign event […]

Grand addition to MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV release date and opened pre-order

Square Enix announced exact date of  Endwalker – giant Final Fantasy XIV’s update release. It is the 23rd of November, but users having pre-order will be available to start using it on the 19th. Update will be available on PC, Playstation 4 and 5. You can buy any of two publications right now. Typical one […]

The launch of Final Fantasy XIV on PlayStation 5 will take place on May 25.

The full launch of the  Final Fantasy XIV on PlayStation 5 will take place on May 25, as we were informed today by Square Enix.The next-generation console version of the game includes much faster downloads, support for 4K resolution, a high-resolution user interface, support for tactile response in DualSense controllers, new trophies, and 3D sound. […]

FFXIV has another new game class: Reaper.

Each new expansion, the Final Fantasy XIV team did a pretty good job of giving new classes to keep the player pool sharp. Now we know, thanks to the ongoing FFXIV fan festival, another new game class: Reaper, a melee fighter with a scythe.This new class features a two-handed scythe and a rather surprising “sharp” […]

A conversation about the products of a cash register store.

Well, Ashes of Creation creative director Stephen Sharif is most likely not the most outspoken developer in the industry, but recently his hot-eyed take on Amazon Game Studios ‘ upcoming title, New World, has made some waves. The post about the controversy in question was not deleted, but was deemed “unprofessional” by Sharif himself earlier […]