Torchlight Frontiers closed alpha 3 opens March 5th

Torchlight Frontiers closed alpha 3

Echtra Games has announce details for Torchlight Frontiers Alpha 3 testing. It starts March 5th and probably most sagnificant change from Alphas 1 and 2 – no NDA. Players who get invited can openly stream and record their gameplay. Participants of previous Alpha tests will automatically have acces to Alpha 3. Also Devs will be […]

Mobile MMORPG Axe: Alliance vs Empire is coming to western market

Axe NA

Game developer and publisher Nexon has announced that theri mobile MMORPG Axe: alliance vs empire is coming to North America sometime later this year. According to general manager of Nexon mobile Tommy Lee game was designed to bring best parts of modern PC and console MMORPGs to mobile platform. Players can choose from 6 classes […]

Anthem Pilot Level Rewards and Detailed Pre-load & Release Schedule

Anthem pilot leveling

Anthem release is around the corner, and we get new information regarding Pilot leveling and preload schedule. We provide Anthem boosting services for your needs – powerleveling, gearing, strongholds and more. Pilots level up by earning experience points. At various levels, a variety of awards are unlocked, including Forge slots, match comsumables, and new javelins. […]

Division 2 open beta casually hinted by developer

Division 2 Open Beta

Division 2 private beta just ended. Ubisoft has yet to announce an open beta for the game, but during a stream on game’s official channel on the developers casually mentioned “Open Beta” during community talks. Watch clip below. Although maybe unexpected right now, this hardly comes as a surprise. Ubisoft have taken similar road with […]

H1Z1: Battle Royal season 3 gonna bring some interesting updates

Daybreak Games announced new features coming to H1Z1:Battle Royal on Feb. 21. Season 3 will bring what devs called “game’s largest update”: Ranked Leaderboards – season 3 introduces new ranking system. It’s gonna have 6 ranking “divisions” (Bronze to Master) and track a bunch of stats. Player ranking will reset at the end of the […]

Wild Terra Online goes Free-to-Play

Wild Tera Online

Indie development Juvty World announced that their previously Buy-2-Play game Wild Terra Online is going Free-to-Play starting on February 12th. “Wild Terra Online is growing rapidly, in the 12 months we’ve released 8 updates and a free DLC. And the number of players online, over the past 2 months has increased by more than 50%. […]

Rumor: Activision Blizzard to announce futher job cuts after dissapointing earnings

Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard had really bad 2018, and it doesn’t seem like their downward projectory is gonna end in 2019. Company is about to host next earnings call on Feb 12 and according to “source familiar with matter” they will let another 100+ emploees go. During November conference call Activision already acknowledged that their once very […]