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Gaming News

In this section of our Boosting Store you can find Gaming News, announcements patch notes and trailers for various online games.

Century: Age of Ashes immediately has 10,000 players on Steam

Yesterday Century: Age of Ashes has been released for PC on Steam. Just a few hours after its release, the game attracted thousands of fans and garnered good reviews. What kind of game is this? In Century: Age of Ashes you play a dragon rider who competes with his flying companion against other dragon riders. […]

Final Fantasy XIV: The Endwalker expansion is coming

The Endwalker expansion brings a number of new areas to Final Fantasy XIV, in which you are initially rather slower. But you can easily increase your riding speed. This is FATE progress: A new system has been introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion that you can use to increase the riding speed of your noble horses, […]

Warframe’s new expansion is thrilling fans

Warframe has announced the date for the latest expansion. This is called “The New War” and will be released for free on December 15th. We tell you why long-time fans in particular react so emotionally to it. Developer Digital Extremes has announced “The New War”, the latest expansion for the popular MMO shooter Warframe. The […]

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