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New World is starting to merge its servers

New World has announced the first merge of servers. This adaptation is eagerly awaited by [...]

New World brought patch and maintenance tonight

The developers of New World have announced an update for November 16 in a forum [...]

New World: 1st major update coming soon

The developers presented the first major update of New World in a blog post. This [...]

New World: players say come back is much better now

New World got off to a bumpy start, with queues, bugs, exploits and problems in [...]

New World announces 1st major update – promises many improvements in November

There was a big post on upcoming updates in the New World forum. The focus [...]

In New World only 8% of the players are at the maximum level

New World’s Steam Achievements reveal a great deal about player behavior in the new MMORPG. [...]

New World deactivated the most important new feature after a few hours

The MMO New World Boost suffers from a gold dupe. An exploit of the new [...]

New World: Server transfer is postponing again

New World wanted to offer a character transfer starting October 17th, but it won’t work [...]

An interview with ESO creator about ESO and the success of New World

The new MMO New World has had great success on Steam. This has also caught [...]

New World: This is how the server transfer works

New World has published a post explaining the rules for server transfers. What kind of [...]

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