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Welcome to MMOBoost.PRO – best place to Buy PoE Currency. We offer currency in Standard, Expedition and Hardcore Leagues on PC, Playstation and Xbox. You can also order specific items, orbs and level boost. If you have any questions regarding Path of Exile  currencies –  feel free to ask our 24/7 live support (bottom right corner chat) or add us on discord / whatsapp.

Why Buy PoE Currency from us:

  • Manually farmed - all our PoE currency have been manually farmed without using any bots, scripts, cheats or hacks.
  • Wide selection of all useful PoE Orbs and Items.
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  • All Leagues and Platforms - you can Buy PoE Currency in Expedition league, or Standard, SC or HC, on PC, Playstation or Xbox.
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What PoE Currency We Offer

  • Exalted Orbs considered main endgame currency in Path of Exile
  • Chaos Orbs also commonly used for trading in endgame, however much more common then Exalted
  • Other Orbs - Fusing, Regret, Chromatic, you name it. We got you covered.
  • Mirror of Kalandra - most desired and rare PoE item
  • How to Buy PoE Currency

    1. Browse PoE Currency category and choose which currency you would like to buy
    2. Carefully read the description
    3. Select the amount of currency you wish to buy and click "Add to Cart"
    4. Click on the "Cart" Button and then "Proceed to Checkout"
    5. Fill in your name, e-mail address, gamertag and other relevant information. Choose payment method on the right side.
    6. Proceed with the payment and return to the store.
    7. Your Path of Exile currency order has been placed! We will contact you shortly and prepare delivery.
    8. We will invite you to a group, travel to your hideout or Act1 camp and trade you the currency. You will need to put any regular item in trade window.

    What payment methods available for buying PoE Currency?

    In our store you can pay with Credit/Debit cards attached to Paypal, Paypal balance or Skrill. Please note, that Skrill payments can only be made from Skrill Wallet balance and will not work in European Economic Area countries. We currently working on adding more payment methods for PoE Currency. Stay tuned!