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Buy Star Seeds in Bless Unleashed Xbox

If you play Bless Unleashed on Playstation – check Star Seeds Playstation category

Acquiring Star Seeds in Bless Unleashed on Xbox can take a long time. We offer Star Seeds on Xbox – NA and EU servers. We transfer currency through Marketplace, no account share needed. Check our offers below. If you have any questions – feel free to ask support (bottom right corner chat) or add us on discord/skype.

We cover 15% marketplace fee!

Available Stock on Xbox:
NA-Physera: 20 Million

NA-Lumenas: 11 Million
EU-Teleos: 8 Million

How buying Star Seeds on Xbox works:

The process of buying star seeds in our store is very simple. Whole process usually takes several minutes:
  1. Place your order. On checkout page write down your e-mail, discord or skype so we can contact you if needed.
  2. Fastest way to communicate is writing in Live Chat on website (bottom right corner) or discord. Alternatively you can wait until we contact you via e-mail, discord or skype you've provided (can take additional time).
  3. We'll give you exact listing prices for the marketplace (usually amount is split for smaller portions so that it looks more natural on the marketplace. For example: listing 10-stack of items at 100k star seeds instead of listing 1 item for 1M)
  4. You list any general items (like simple crafting or enhancement materials, that are essentially worthless) on marketplace with the prices we gave you. If you don't have enough star seeds to list items - don't worry we can split listings.
  5. We buy items you've listed. And you get your star seeds in mail immediately.
Regarding fees: In Bless Unleashed marketplace has 2 fees/taxes. When you list item you have to pay 3% listing fee. And when your items are sold you pay 15% tax on initial amount. We don't cover 3% listing fee, that's on you. But we do cover 15% tax, which means your get the amount of Star Seeds you paid for in your mail.

Tip: You can get ~5% extra star seeds by using " -5% Marketplace Discount" item that you can buy in game (Not available on EU server). You can find it in Lumena shop -> Services. It costs 800 Lumena, effect lasts for 30 days and you will get extra seeds when buying from our store.

Why buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds from us:

  • We are professionals - our team have been in MMO boosting for years. We started in World of Warcraft and expanded in other online games. We always track latest news and tendencies to provide best possible Star Seeds offers offers Bless Unleashed on XBox One.
  • Best quality - all Star Seeds has been manually acquired by our trusted team members. We never work with questionable suppliers and re-sellers. So we can assure the safety of transaction.
  • Great prices - we closely monitor Bless Unleashed market to provide lowest possible prices for our clients.