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Welcome to MMOBoost.PRO. We’ve provided Anthem services for over two years, but now it’s time to call it – game has been near dead for sometime. So we decided to freeze the category. We encourage you to look into more fresh and more interested in our opinion project like Destiny 2 Boosting, Division 2 boosting and Outriders Boosting. All these games are great looter-shooters that you will probably enjoy.


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Anthem is multiplayer online RPG shooter (nowadays often referred as 'Looter-Shooter') similar to Destiny 2 and Warframe. Game is developed by BioWare and published by EA. Official launch date is February 22, 2019, however owners of Origin Access Premiere can start a week earlier. We're very excited for this game and ready to start boosting Anthem upon release. World of Anthem is set on post-apocalyptic planet similar to Earth. For thousands of years mysterious tool, known as Anthem of Creation, affected planet. This led to life mutations. Human race struggled to survive, while their enemies thrived and grew in numbers. In Anthem you take the role of Freelancer. Your mission is to help people of Fort Tartis to survive while you unwind secrets of the Anthem of Creation. In missions you gonna pilot special exosuits called Javelins (essentially classes in Anthem). There are 4 Javelins with their unique abilities and gear pieces:
  • Collosus - the biggest and the tankiest javelin, uses rockets and artillery. Also has big shield to protect against projectiles. Less mobile than other javelins.
  • Ranger - universal soldier proficient in many weapons type and grenades. Have good offense-defense balance
  • Interceptor - rogue-like javelin, very mobile and takes enemies down with powerful melee attacks
  • Storm - glass-cannon caster using elemental spells to destroy opponents.